What Are Your Options?

  • Do nothing different - you will continue to suffer with pain, limitation and loss of function

  • more medication?Fact: Cortisone, steroids and other drugs can proide temporary pain relief, they do nothing to actually fix the cause of your problem

  • surgery - fact: painful, expensive and often result in the need for additional surgeries.



stem cell therapy comparison

 Types of Stem Cells available in the U.S


  • Mesenchymal Stem cells from Umbilical cord blood 
  • Mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow 
  • mesnechymal stem cells from adipose tissue. 
  • Mesenchymal Stem cells from Whartons Jelly surrounding the umbilical cord.

Why do you want MESENCHYMAL stem cells from THE WHARTONS JELLY OF THE umbilical cord? 

  • High volume of Mesenchymal Stem cells (1 million or more per 1 ml. treatment). The Cells are young and vibrant
  • High numbers of Cytokines
  • High concentration of Growth Factors
  • ZERO chance of rejection
  • No surgery or pain
  • Most cost effective
  • not limited by your age or overall health