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The Dr. Gil Center, now in conjunction with Tn Stem Cell, is offering advanced regenerative medicine procedures using umbilical cord stem cell treatments. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can become nearly any cell in the body. They can develop into new cartilage, tendons, muscles and ligaments to aid in the repair process of damaged and degenerated joints. Now, there is an option other than drugs and surgery !



A Stem Cell is a cell that is undifferentiated. In other words, it is a "clean slate" that can take on the characteristics of any other cell in the body. A stem cell can either become another stem cell, or metamorphosize into new tissue.  It can become new  cartilage, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and even bone. It can repair and regenerate damaged tissue!

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Call or E-mail our office to schedule your Stem Cell Consultation today! We also host Stem Cell Seminars every other Tuesday in our office to help educate you on Stem Cell Therapy and determine if this regenerative procedure is right for you. 

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